Frank "Horiki" Simanton

Long Live Tattoo Collective 
864 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204

Frank "Horiki" Simanton was born in Manitou Springs Colorado in 1986. His passion for japanese art and culture started when he was 6 years old and saw a copy of Yoshitoshis painting "Susanoo no Mokoto slays Yamata no Orochi" in a museum. From that day on his goal was to learn as much about japanese art and culture as possible and become a tattoo artist. He received an apprentiship in tattooing at the age of 14 and began traveling to Japan to learn more when he was 28. He now resides and works as a tattoo artist in his 20+ years of tattooing in Denver colorado. Frank specializes in japanese inspired tattooing and sumi style tattoos and loves nothing more than art, tattooing, and sharing good stories


Hailin Tattoo, los angeles 
Instagram: @kahoinkshop @just_good_type

Born and raised in Hong Kong, KaHo moved to the States and worked as a graphic designer/ art director for more than 10 years. In recent years, he ventured into the world of tattoo industry and found his passion. He continually infused his design mindset to the body art through working closely with his clients. His strive to perfection, attention to details and open-minded creativity makes him gradually develop as a successful tattoo artist. KaHo’s style is mainly rooted from his Asian culture: Calligraphy, Asian/Oriential brushes, painting/drawing, plus a layer of creative and design tweaks from his extensive design background and visions. Stay tuned for his work and he looks forward to curating more unique stories with his clients together.

Ray Ochoa 

black mirror tattoo gallery
Los Angeles
Instagram: @rayochoaart

My name is Ray and I’m a Award Winning Tattoo Artist from Los Angeles, Ca . I’ve been tattooing for over 10 years and have done doing art all my life. I specialize in black n grey tattoos, realism, and lettering. I’m also well rounded with tattooing other styles like traditional and color. I also love to do art outside of tattooing like graffiti or graphic designing.